Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carmel Apples

In an earlier post (Pretty Chocolate) I mentioned two of my favorite carmeled apple sources: the BYU bookstore candy counter, and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. These are indeed very fine sources for amazing carmeled apples, but the winner is *drum roll* V Chocolates. They are located at Kiosks in some of the malls around here and Tai Pan Trading Co.

They win for presentation and both carmel quality and quantity, plus the fine layer of chocolate is just the right amount to compliment everything. The texture is good, and they come in these wonderful little cellophane bags perfect for a gift, and I love that the tag is a leaf. It's just cute, and the edges of the ribbon are a nice touch too.

BYU comes in first for price, but last for availability since you have to be in Provo by 6 to even have a shot at one, and they usually run out before then. They are definately competative, though, since they are the only one of the three that offers just carmel, and just carmel with pecans. I know it's hard to believe, but sometimes chocolate just isn't necessary with these things.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory definately comes in first for variety. They have apples covered with anything from M&M's to various nuts, to Oreos, to English Toffee (my favorite). I actually think they're slightly overdone, and never have as much carmel, or maybe you just don't notice the carmel since there's so much other stuff. They are, however, the only ones who will cut your apple for you, which is nice if you're sneaking it into the movie theater next door.

I suppose it all depends on what you value in a carmel apple. I like the simple route, and I like to be able to taste all that carmely goodness, and the carmel texture is important too. It's all about the sweet/tart and gooy/crisp contrasts between the apple and the carmel. There are few things I like better about fall than that.


Thora said...

Dear Michele. I never had a caramel apple at BYU. Now I have realized I have wasted the days of my repentance, and it is everlastingly too late for me and caramel apples. Now I shall cry.


Ashley: said...

I adore your rockin' food blog, even though I don't think I've ever finished a caramel apple in my life.