Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pretty Chocolate

So now that I've started this blog, I walk around the Salt Lake Valley looking for fabulous food to take pictures of to put on here...not that I ever get around to it, but I have some awesome pictures of food, anyway. Well, one night I was wandering about the Gateway Mall because really I wanted to end up in one of my favorite shops, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I wanted a Carmel apple, because there really is nothing better for fall than one of their English Toffee carmeled apples, except the carmeled apples that the BYU bookstore candy counter makes, which are absolutely divine. Especially the ones covered in Pecans, but avoid the ones that are dipped in any sort of fudge, it just ruins the whole thing. Maybe I've just never much cared for the BYU fudge.


I was getting an apple, and I turned and saw the most beautiful piece of chocolate I have ever seen. Perfect for the blog! It was a chunk of what's called Tiger butter, which is a mixture of white chocolate, Milk chocolate, and peanut butter (which I did not know at the time). I'm not actually much for white chocolate, so I debated for a bit about whether it was truly worth it to purchase a chunk just to take a photo of, but I didn't have my camera with me, and it was just so pretty. So with my carmel apple I asked for a chunk. The shop boy of course gave me a piece from the back of the stack, which was also very nice looking, but not nearly as much so as the piece in front was. I was feeling rather non-confrontational so I didn't say anything, but I made the purchase, found out they didn't validate parking, (which I may have already known) and left the shop. I ony got a few steps before I realized how silly I had been not to ask for slice that I wanted. After all, it's not like I was going to eat it, so it was actually important what the thing looked like. I debated, I even got several stores away but my impracticle side got the better of me and I went back.

Now I knew that the same shop guy would still be there, and since he was moderately attractive, and a human, I felt I had to make some excuse for why I was coming back 5 minutes after I had left just to buy more tiger butter, so I muttered something about forgetting a friend's birthday, (which was true, I did have a friend's birthday coming up, but I didn't give her the tiger butter anyway) made my purchase, and left quickly. And there it is. Proof of how rediculous I can be.

I did munch my way through the less attractive peice bit by bit, and I did enjoy it. It took me a while to figure out what it was made of, though because it had been sitting next to something mint, which was a bad move on the part of the shop, and had aquired the flavor so I kept thinking, 'who would put mint and peanutbutter together in chocolate' but eventually the mintyness subsided, and it was pretty good, even though I don't even like white chocolate.

And now here are the pics:

This is the first one I bought, still very cool looking.

I just love the swirls in this one!

And now after a month it's still on my kitchen table, too pretty to eat.

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Lalaith said...

I LOVE RMCF apples. Soooo good! D'you have any tasty covered-apple recipes?