Thursday, May 29, 2008

For the beauty of the Earth

Friday night I decided that I wanted to go to the temple by myself for the first time since my Endowment. I have to say, it was again a beautiful experience. It seems a little surreal at this point, and so otherworldly. The absolute beauty and purity of the temple is so awesome (and I use that word in the old fashioned actually in context way) compared to the vileness that exists in some of this world. When I have forgotten how nasty the world can be I often wonder to think that celestial world will be more beautiful than this world because I can't comprehend anything more lovely than being in a meadow of flowers on a perfect afternoon, or under a tree by a river, but I suppose as I think about it, to have those perfect moments in a perfect place without the surrounding possibility of corruption or filth would be perfectly beautiful.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life is Amazing!

Today was a most wondrous day filled to the brim with spinning. I have come to the realization that I love spinning. I have, of course, always had an appreciation for the fiber arts and a deep seeded love of wool, but spinning*, it's amazing. The feel of wool fibers slipping through your fingers twisting smoothly into yarn. Amazing coradell wool. It sparkles in the sunlight, and produces this wonderfully buttery colored yarn, and dyes well, too. I think my favorite thing about this wool is that it continues to sparkle even if you dye it, so it's going to make some very pretty things.

*I suppose I should qualify that statement...wheel spinning is amazing and has made me very loath to spinning on a drop spindle, though I prefer that to nothing. And a word to the wise, never ever ever buy wool roving to spin on a drop spindle...or a wheel...card it yourself! why do I keep taking up ridiculously expensive hobbies?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Rain rain go away...

Historical word of the day: Cake or Cakie: a foolish person

It was supposed to be our biggest weekend yet, more people than we'd gotten in all the season so far, but it rained. It didn't just rain a little, no, it poured all day. I was surprised that a few families braved the weather to come to the village and despite being mostly soaked apeared to be enjoying themselves. Among these dedicated folks were several members of the Quill and the Sword, among whom were Sam, Ally, Laren, and Christina, who visited with me, and whom I took on a tour of the park. Unfortunately they got there quite late so their visit had to be quite short, but included a stop at the blacksmith shop, the tinsmith*, the Kimball home, and the Jewkes home. I very much appreciated the company and the excuse to get out of the small cabin which I was stuck in for the duration of the day with three other ladies, two young girls, and a baby. They were pleasant enough company, and the baby was adorable, even though he missed his nap. It was still a very long and dull day. I wished for a spinning wheel often. I think I'm going to take up knitting or perhaps crochet to keep myself occupied, and so that I have something to do with the wool I keep spinning.
I wore my hair in Emma Smith style ringlets, which, with a bonnet look rather lovely. I was quite pleased with them, and I believe that I shall be doing them again on many occasion. I simply need better garb to put with my ringlets. That, I'm afraid, will be a long process.
I also went to dinner with the aformentioned clubbies, which was a new experience. Not the going to dinner part, but the eating at a resteraunt in m pioneer attire and attempting to not look so much like a polygamyst. Unfortunately, my friends kept making jokes about Sam, since he was the only guy in the party and there was that silly April fools joke where we got engaged fr the day, so I , naturally, was the first wife. what a silly bunch, but they were so very sweet to come to see me and my park. I appologize for my probably disconnected writing, my eyes are rather feeling like they have sand in them from having just taken out my contacts, which is distracting, and I haven't been able to keep my them open for more than just a minute or two this whole time. This is just a testiment to my need for period glasses so that I might not have to torture myself with contacts or look silly in modern frames. I do so enjoy my job. I love that the time period is very narrow, so it makes creating the persona easier. Enacting a decade is so much more specific than say...The middle ages. People are forced to be more particular, more focused and detailed if they want something a little different from the other dresses. I say it again, I am in despeate need of a corset. I think I shall stop my intermitant rantings and go to bed.

*I tried to strike a conversation with the Tinsmith, but it ended up going rather badly.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm turning over a new leaf

Well, here I am, in the midst of a fantastically interesting job, and I finally have something to blog about, so for all you people who keep telling me I need to post, I'm posting. so there.

Eventually I'm going to blog about NYC too, but that will have to wait until I'm feeling more ambitious.

It's currently sunday night and I'm anxiously awaiting what tomorrow will hold in store, even though I know I'm not going to be in the Jewkes home, which means that I will not be in proximity to a spinning wheel. It's nigh on tragic. This makes me glad for my drop spindle though, and I'm currently spinning some lovely blue wool for some mittens, or perhaps socks, whichever comes first. Speaking of socks, I need to find mine for tomorrow, since we're required to wear at least knee highs to look fashionably pioneer-y. Oh, by the way, I suppose I should mention that I'm working at This is the Place Heritage Park, which is a pioneer village. Aparently if we reach our goal of 200,000 visitors this summer we'll be second only to Collonial Williamsburg, VA, which surprises me greatly.

I suppose the most exciting news of the village is that on saturday alone we had a girl go home with a possible case of Haunta virus, and another girl got run over by a wagon, but appears to not have any permanent injuries, or even broken bones, thank goodness. This is apart from the two, maybe three rattle snakes that were found last week. It makes me wonder if every summer is like this in the village.

Speaking of the village, my life reminds me of The Village, the rediculous suspense movie by M. Knight Shamala.....whatever. I've started feeling very scandelous if I wear my hair down and uncovered even in mundane clothing, and often have to explain that I am not, in fact, a real polygamist whenever I have to stop for gas or go to the bank after work. I am desperately in want of a corset, and am going to order one probably as soon as I can get my measurements accurately taken, then get a pattern and make my own clothing. I discovered today that the garb I have rented is completely inappropriate for recieving guests in, and I simply can't have that. I have also found this evening that period shoes are quite expensive, which saddens me.

As the time grows quite late I will quit this post and change my laundry, but I will mention that in my mundane life, I have planted a garden and am excited to report that it is doing quite well. My peas and beets have sprouted and increase in size daily, and my tomatoes, squash and Cabbage are looking very well, along with my peppers. I have yet to plant the herbs and broccoli that I had first planned on, but perhaps I shall venture to the nursury located at the end of the block tomorrow. Indeed I have a very happy situation here in South Salt Lake, and have even recently aquired a teaching position for the fall and winter seasons at Taylorsville High School where I will be teaching a combination of Foods, Adult Roles, and Child development classes.