Thursday, May 29, 2008

For the beauty of the Earth

Friday night I decided that I wanted to go to the temple by myself for the first time since my Endowment. I have to say, it was again a beautiful experience. It seems a little surreal at this point, and so otherworldly. The absolute beauty and purity of the temple is so awesome (and I use that word in the old fashioned actually in context way) compared to the vileness that exists in some of this world. When I have forgotten how nasty the world can be I often wonder to think that celestial world will be more beautiful than this world because I can't comprehend anything more lovely than being in a meadow of flowers on a perfect afternoon, or under a tree by a river, but I suppose as I think about it, to have those perfect moments in a perfect place without the surrounding possibility of corruption or filth would be perfectly beautiful.

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Thora Shannon said...

I wish I could do a session with you; isn't the temple great? And I do think that the natural beauty of the earth is the closest thing to the celestial kingdom around us outside of the temple (well, the spirit of our homes can be like a temple too, so I guess outside of the temple and our homes).