Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm turning over a new leaf

Well, here I am, in the midst of a fantastically interesting job, and I finally have something to blog about, so for all you people who keep telling me I need to post, I'm posting. so there.

Eventually I'm going to blog about NYC too, but that will have to wait until I'm feeling more ambitious.

It's currently sunday night and I'm anxiously awaiting what tomorrow will hold in store, even though I know I'm not going to be in the Jewkes home, which means that I will not be in proximity to a spinning wheel. It's nigh on tragic. This makes me glad for my drop spindle though, and I'm currently spinning some lovely blue wool for some mittens, or perhaps socks, whichever comes first. Speaking of socks, I need to find mine for tomorrow, since we're required to wear at least knee highs to look fashionably pioneer-y. Oh, by the way, I suppose I should mention that I'm working at This is the Place Heritage Park, which is a pioneer village. Aparently if we reach our goal of 200,000 visitors this summer we'll be second only to Collonial Williamsburg, VA, which surprises me greatly.

I suppose the most exciting news of the village is that on saturday alone we had a girl go home with a possible case of Haunta virus, and another girl got run over by a wagon, but appears to not have any permanent injuries, or even broken bones, thank goodness. This is apart from the two, maybe three rattle snakes that were found last week. It makes me wonder if every summer is like this in the village.

Speaking of the village, my life reminds me of The Village, the rediculous suspense movie by M. Knight Shamala.....whatever. I've started feeling very scandelous if I wear my hair down and uncovered even in mundane clothing, and often have to explain that I am not, in fact, a real polygamist whenever I have to stop for gas or go to the bank after work. I am desperately in want of a corset, and am going to order one probably as soon as I can get my measurements accurately taken, then get a pattern and make my own clothing. I discovered today that the garb I have rented is completely inappropriate for recieving guests in, and I simply can't have that. I have also found this evening that period shoes are quite expensive, which saddens me.

As the time grows quite late I will quit this post and change my laundry, but I will mention that in my mundane life, I have planted a garden and am excited to report that it is doing quite well. My peas and beets have sprouted and increase in size daily, and my tomatoes, squash and Cabbage are looking very well, along with my peppers. I have yet to plant the herbs and broccoli that I had first planned on, but perhaps I shall venture to the nursury located at the end of the block tomorrow. Indeed I have a very happy situation here in South Salt Lake, and have even recently aquired a teaching position for the fall and winter seasons at Taylorsville High School where I will be teaching a combination of Foods, Adult Roles, and Child development classes.


sallysue said...


Congrats on the current job, the new job, and the garden!

Thora Shannon said...

Yay Too!

So, I was laughing over your job; you're going to end up spending as much on the right clothes, as you'll make. But that's okay, you have a real job waiting for you at the end of the summer (not to imply that this job isn't real).

I'll be an avid reader, and add you to my friend's list, and everything now that you've written.

I'm impressed you have a garden at your new place; how industrious of you. My experience last summer of gardening wasn't as productive as I dreamed of, but it was a good first year experience (it was the poison ivy that did me in). But I'm still planning to garden again when I get the chance; you're an inspiration to me.