Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life is Amazing!

Today was a most wondrous day filled to the brim with spinning. I have come to the realization that I love spinning. I have, of course, always had an appreciation for the fiber arts and a deep seeded love of wool, but spinning*, it's amazing. The feel of wool fibers slipping through your fingers twisting smoothly into yarn. Amazing coradell wool. It sparkles in the sunlight, and produces this wonderfully buttery colored yarn, and dyes well, too. I think my favorite thing about this wool is that it continues to sparkle even if you dye it, so it's going to make some very pretty things.

*I suppose I should qualify that statement...wheel spinning is amazing and has made me very loath to spinning on a drop spindle, though I prefer that to nothing. And a word to the wise, never ever ever buy wool roving to spin on a drop spindle...or a wheel...card it yourself! why do I keep taking up ridiculously expensive hobbies?


Von Schenck said...

Yeah I know how that feels *looks at loom*

Fun to spin though. We just weave down here

sallysue said...

Neato. If you need a crocheting buddy, let me know. I have some semi cute stuffed animal patterns. Can't really help you on the knitting, though.

I don't know if this will help, but I've found that all true hobbies are most unfortunately expensive. sigh.